The Last Jedi **No Spoilers**

I had a chance to watch Stars Wars: The Last Jedi last night. Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you. In fact, this post won't be that long. Just wanted to share some quick thoughts.

One: The Last Jedi marks the end of an era for Star Wars fans and that makes me kind of sad.

Two: they did a great job incorporating humor, sadness, old and new, and action throughout the story.

Three: it's a long movie, so plan appropriately for bathroom breaks and concession stand goodies.

Four: There's a lot going on in The Last Jedi, so make sure to pay attention. Or, maybe enjoy it the first time and then dissect it to pieces when you watch it the second time. That's probably what I'll have to do.

I really enjoyed the movie and if you're a fan of Star Wars I think you will too.

May the Force be with You.