Social Media Doesn’t Really Matter


Recently, I unfollowed someone on twitter. It was admittedly a dumb, childish thing to do in the heat of the moment. Even worse, it set off a chain of events that made everyone involved look stupid (some more than others.)

And that’s gotten me thinking a lot about social media and it’s roll and influence in our lives.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we take it way too seriously and have allowed it to dictate how we interact online. Instead of being ourselves we’ve become consumed with what everyone else it going to think about every post, image, retweet, or story we post. We track who’s followed and unfollowed us and become obsessed with why that happened.

This isn’t anything new. Social media has been used by all of us to share the best parts of our lives since the beginning. No one wants to share the low points. Shitty moments suck enough as it is, no need to publicize it.

But wasn’t social media meant to connect us, bring us closer and make us all collectively better?

Unfortunately, like most good things, we’ve managed to find a way to ruin things.

Which is why I’ve started caring less about social media (holy shit, I think I’m officially just old).

I used to care about having a perfectly curated Instagram feed and would go months without posting because I had nothing “cool” to share. I used to include as many hashtags as allowed per caption because if you don’t hashtag does your post even exist? I would check the Facebook newsfeed and twitter timeline incessantly because “what if I miss something?” Social media became a source of stress and I really don’t need more of that in my life.

Now, my IG posts usually don’t even have a caption, I haven’t checked my personal Facebook in months (I still need to login in because work, but I skip right through to business manager), and I basically treat Twitter as a breaking news service. Don’t get me wrong, I still want a certain aesthetic, I use filters, and I don’t share everything, but I honestly find myself caring less and less about what anyone else thinks about what I share.

It’s not always easy, but trust me, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.