2018 Objectives & Key Results (or 2018 Resolutions)

Another year coming to a close means another week of seeing everyone on the internet declare their intentions for the new year. So, why not add my two cents.

But, before we get into 2018 goals, a quick note about 2017. It sucked. It was worse than 2016 and I didn't think anything was going to be worse than that year. But here we are. I've learned my lesson.

When it comes to 2017 goals, let's just say it didn't really go as planned. And that's all I'll say about that.

So, here we are on the verge of 2018 (isn't is kind of crazy that it's almost TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN?1) and I'm taking a little bit of a different approach to things. For 2018, I'm setting Objectives in key areas of my life & Key Results to measure my progress. And I'm putting it all on the internet, so I can keep myself accountable...to myself.

Now, without further ado...My 2018 OKRs


2017 was the year that broke this camel's financial back. Finances are that thing that you tend to ignore until that moment comes and you can't ignore it anymore. I can't ignore it anymore, so here's how I plan on attacking it:

2018 Financial Objectives
Key Results
Pay Off A Large Chunk of Debt
Pay off $10,000 by year end*
Establish an Emergency Fund
Save $3,000 by year end**
Invest Every Week
Invest $50.00 per week***
  • *This is a minimum. If I'm able to pay off more, I certainly will.
  • **Starting from $0. If I save weekly, it comes to around $60/week.
  • ***I used to really care about picking individual stocks. Now I'm more into index funds and I let Wealthsimple (Insert Link) take care of the heavy lifting for me.


2018 Personal Objectives
Key Results
Read Read 1 book x month minimum; with blog write up to confirm
Exercise More
Lose 12% body fat minimum
Take More Photos
I like my camera, I should use it more often
Stoph Caring About What Others Think
Stop Comparing Myself to Others


2018 Professional Objectives
Key Results
Blog Consistently
Post 3x per week
Start My Freelance Business
Sign ONE client for the year
Earn More Income
Expand My Professional Network

When it comes to prioritizing, the ideal order would be personal, financial, and then professional. Unfortunately, in my case finances HAVE to take the top spot.

You never really understand the kind of burden finances put on you until it's too late and you're struggling to keep from being crushed by them. You also don't realize how much they hold you back from moving forward with your life. It's a really crappy feeling and it honestly is one you should avoid if you can.