United Airlines

The airlines have a monopoly and they know it.

They know we need them. Especially in today's world, where time is money. Want to travel cross country? You could drive, but that will take a few days. You barely have any vacation days as it is. You need to maximize your time.

Are you an employee? Time is even more important. If you're lucky enough, or high enough on the corporate ladder, you might be able to spring for business or first class where things are much better. 

Which is why United Airline's response to forcibly removing a paying passenger, isn't surprising: 

That's the sort of response a CEO makes when they know business will continue as usual. That's the response a CEO makes when he knows there's plenty of passengers out there tied to his airline because of miles or loyalty programs.

Most importantly, that's the response a CEO makes when he knows that regardless of what happened, we need his company if we want to travel. 

It's time we show these companies, that there's no amount of perks or loyalty programs or miles or anything else that will compel us to give them our business. 

I hope you join me in vowing to not fly United until things change.