The TWC App

Cable companies tend  to get a bad rap. They’re essentially a monopoly, they have outrageous prices and even worse hidden fees, and they’re just generally not fun to deal with.

But, if you want to watch TV, and especially if you want to watch sports, you’re basically stuck. Which, is why I’m stuck forking over $130 every month to Time Warner Cable.  

With all that money, you would think TWC would have more than enough in the bank to hire developers to make sure their app is a top of the line  TV application. But, it isn’t. The app hasn’t been updated in months and still isn’t even Retina compatible. And don’t get me started on the app icon.

Still, those are all minor gripes when you realize you’re not able to watch live TV via the app when you’re outside your home WiFi network. Instead, TWC gives you a generous handful of channels to watch. Channels that you likely don’t even know exist, much less that you’re paying for. 

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why? Why does it matter whether I’m on my own home network or not? Chances are, if I’m home, I’m watching television, on my television. I guess giving up the 55” TV screen for a 10” tablet makes sense to TWC executives? Or, maybe they just very considerate of their customer’s mobile data usage?

So, come on Time Warner, let me watch live TV on my mobile devices wherever I am and whenever I want. Unless you’re paying my mobile bill, let me worry about when and where I watch. If anything, me watching more television will always work out better for you.