Knowing What To Write

Every few months I get really gung ho about really getting my blog/website off the ground. I'm talking posts, comments, engagement, community, photos. Pretty much the whole shebang. I mean that's how you build your brand, get dream jobs and get people to like you, right? That's what the internet has taught me.

Sadly, that feeling goes away even quicker than it shows up. The bad news is it keeps happening every time. The good news is I know why. The million dollar question is, why haven't I fixed it?

The answer to that question is really easy, but the solution isn't. At least, not for me.

You see, I have trouble keeping up my site because I have no idea what the write about. Do I write about tech? Sports? Photography? My daily life? 

The first three are pretty much my only passions in life, but you can find news and commentary on them in every single corner of the internet. What could I possibly contribute to a conversation that someone THAT GETS PAID TO BE AT THE STADIUM EVERY DAY won't? Speaking of work, I won't write about my work, because it's not a very exciting topic to read about. That's all I have to say about that.

Okay, so what about tech? That should be an easier topic to write about. True, it is. Except, that I don't have a limitless credit card to buy the latest and greatest. Even if I did, the party would be shut down pretty quickly when Bank of America realized there would be no way I could pay the bill at the end of the month. I mean, I could review my Super Nintendo, but who would really care? If you did, I'd want to visit the rock you've been living under for the last 20 years.

So, with those 2 down, how about live journaling my life like it was 2006? Well let me rundown my day for pretty much the last two months: wake up, zombie my way to work, visit mom at home/hospital, eat a late dinner, go to sleep way later than I should/would like to, repeat. Sound exciting? Ya, I know I should really tone it down a little bit.

Which leaves photograpy. I've been trying to post more of my photos, but with a limited archive and incredibly linear day, it's tough to have something new every day. I'm working my way there, but there's still a lot of work to do.

So, TL;DR, I still have no idea what I want to write about, which means there's a whole bunch of stuff I can write about. I'm REALLLLLLLLLYYYY going to try and be more consistent this time around, whether it's tech, sports, life, photos or what I had for breakfast. That also, means you may see some random stuff coming from me, but that's the only way I'm going to figure out what to do with this thing.

In the meantime, if you have some help/suggestions for kindly pass them along. 

I need all the help I can get.