iPhone 7 Review Roundup

Photo via The Verge

Photo via The Verge

Happy iPhone 7 review day! 

If you stayed up last Friday and managed to snag an iPhone, chances are you're pretty interested in what our tech blog overlords think about Apple's latest and greatest iPhone. 

So make yourself a cup of tea, curl up on the couch and check out a few of the reviews below.

TL;DR:: The headphone jack is gone, the design is the same, jet black scratches even if you're just putting it in your pocket, and it's kind of meh. (I still ordered one anyways)

The Verge wasn't too impressed but they put a ton of work into the page design - The Verge iPhone 7 Review

Neither was Engadget. - Engadget iPhone 7 Review

TechCrunch was a little more favorable. - TechCrunch iPhone 7 Review

CNETs review killed my browser, but you could still check it out if you're brave. - CNET iPhone 7 Review

John Gruber continues his streak of posting some of the best, most comprehensive iPhone reviews around. - Daring Fireball iPhone 7 Review

Finally, Buzzfeed has the best 'IRL' review (in case you were wondering how the iPhone 7 fares after a dip in the ocean). - Buzzfeed iPhone 7 Review