Go Dodgers


There's not much to write other than: another year, another disappointment. 

Clayton Kershaw should have been pulled earlier, our bullpen was a serious Achilles heel, and our never woke up.  

Obviously, changes are coming this offseason. Does Ned Colleti survive? He probably shouldn't. What about Mattingly? Will Clayton bounce back from his second consecutive Postseason implosion? 

Unfortunately, the front office will probably be the only thing to get any sort of major overhaul because of the contracts the team is saddled with.

Roster turnaround will probably be minimal, with the exception of Ethier probably getting moved. The bullpen needs help, but who knows how it will get upgraded. 

So now we get to suffer through the Giants and Cardinals in the NLCS, which pretty much means I'm rooting for the American League from this point on. Seriously though,  Bud should use his last Commissioner's Decree to automatically move these two into the NLCS every year. They already do anything possible to have them advance, so just skip the song and dance. 

So hang in there fellow Dodgers fans. Just try to hang in there. 


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