Day 1 - Cartagena


Colombia, we have arrived.

It's been a while since we've been on a bonafide vacaton so this one is both thrilling and nerve racking.  Natalie is quite an accomplished traveler, I'm not. That makes me quite a handful to deal with.  

Still, after hopping on the redeye from LAX and enjoying the air condidtioned (and air conditionless) parts of the Panama City International airport we made it to Cartagena, Colombia.

Fun fact about Cartagena: the heat and humidity here is the craziest I"ve ever felt. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say suffocating. It really does feel like you're walking through a thick haze of moisture. On the plus side, my skin hasn't been this soft and glowy in a long time. 

Catagena is a contrast between the old and the new. The "old" part of the city is located within the walls of a fort that's right on the ocean. It's and amazing site to see and walk around. The original canons are still in place along the areas of the fort facing the water and it's incredible to think of how this fort operated as a fully functional defense stronghold. 

It was a productive (but quite tiring) day but I love old history and this place fits the bill perfectly. It's also great to be travelling with family and the only thing that would make it better would be to have my mom and sister here with me. 

One problem we've already run into, figuring out meals. It's nice to know we have the same problem from home anywhere else in the world. The only problem is, there isn't a Sharkey's down the street we can run to when we can't come to a decision.  

Tomorrow we're headed to Playa Blanca.