The TWC App

Cable companies tend  to get a bad rap. They’re essentially a monopoly, they have outrageous prices and even worse hidden fees, and they’re just generally not fun to deal with.

But, if you want to watch TV, and especially if you want to watch sports, you’re basically stuck. Which, is why I’m stuck forking over $130 every month to Time Warner Cable.  

With all that money, you would think TWC would have more than enough in the bank to hire developers to make sure their app is a top of the line  TV application. But, it isn’t. The app hasn’t been updated in months and still isn’t even Retina compatible. And don’t get me started on the app icon.

Still, those are all minor gripes when you realize you’re not able to watch live TV via the app when you’re outside your home WiFi network. Instead, TWC gives you a generous handful of channels to watch. Channels that you likely don’t even know exist, much less that you’re paying for. 

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why? Why does it matter whether I’m on my own home network or not? Chances are, if I’m home, I’m watching television, on my television. I guess giving up the 55” TV screen for a 10” tablet makes sense to TWC executives? Or, maybe they just very considerate of their customer’s mobile data usage?

So, come on Time Warner, let me watch live TV on my mobile devices wherever I am and whenever I want. Unless you’re paying my mobile bill, let me worry about when and where I watch. If anything, me watching more television will always work out better for you.


This week has been filled with New Year resolution posts and 2015 recaps. So, now that I finally have time to sit down and write my own, I'm doing both at once.

2015 for me, was a year to forget. Like, seriously, forget. There's my recap.

As far as 2016 resolutions go, I have none. Resolutions never work out for me, they're too easy to dismiss a couple of weeks into the new year. I do, however, have a couple of habits I'd like to establish.

So here they are:

- I've spent my whole life worried about what comes next and being terrified and paralyzed by the unexpected, unknown and unclear. Well, 2015 was the year of the unexpected for me and it's taught me that no matter how well planned out you think you have things, shit happens. So, hi 2016, you're the year I start going with the flow and stop letting the unexpected control me. Because if there's one thing I've learned, it's that life doesn't really give a damn about what you want, so you may as well go along for the ride and do you.

- The older I get, the more I realize there's rarely a good reason to stay up late. So I'm looking to start going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. Being a morning person seems a lot more appealing at this point.

- Take more photos.

- Read more.


Jawbone UP3

For some unknown reason, I keep giving my money to Jawbone. Despite dealing with multiple replacements for the original Jawbone UP band and the Jawbone UP24, I plunked down my credit card and pre-ordered the UP3 in November. Then, Jawbone delayed the band for six months. So, now that Jawbone has finally shipped the UP3 with a complete redesign and new sensors, is it worth it?

Despite that, I’ve enjoyed my UP3 so far. The new redesign is much welcomed. The band is much more comfortable to wear and I’m less concerned with damaging its components every time I put it on or take it off thanks to the fact they’ve been moved into the top of the case. The band also looks much nicer and makes typing way easier.  

There are some concerns though. For one, the new clasp can be difficult to close and putting the band on can be an exercise in frustration some times. Jawbone also instructs users to wear the band tight enough for it’s five sensors to all touch the skin. For me, this means that the sensors have the tendency to dig into my wrist and feel uncomfortable.

Speaking of sensors, they’re what drew me to the band. Jawbone promised bioimpedance sensors that would be able to do things like tell me if I was dehydrated and needed to drink more water. But they don’t. At this time, all those fancy sensors can only do one thing: measure my resting heart rate when I wake up in the morning. Jawbone has promised to add more sensor features in future software updates, but it’s disappointing that after all the delays, these features weren’t ready by the time the band finally shipped.

Battery life is excellent, but that’s always been the case with Jawbone’s UP bands. Jawbone claims 7 days of battery life and so far the UP3 has delivered. Of course, this much easier when you don’t have a screen to deal with. We’ll see how battery life is affected once Jawbone unleashes the full potential of the band's sensors. 

Ultimately though, and even though I’m satisfied with mine, it’s difficult to recommend the UP3. Yes it looks better, is more comfortable and has great battery life, but It’s disappointing that Jawbone took so long to release the UP3 and then immediately cannibalized it with with a cheaper option and a better (maybe) UP4. The fact that the band’s sensors are still crippled is also an issue. However, my biggest reason for not recommending the UP3: Jawbone has had a horrible track record with the long term durability of it’s UP bands. 

Until Jawbone proves it can build a product that will last longer than a few months, I wouldn’t recommend you spend your money on them.

Apple Watch

No I don't need it, but you better believe I stayed up late to order one. 

Every review I read (and I spent an entire day reading every review I could find), said pretty Mich the same thing: Apple has created something amazing with a lot of potential, but you probably shouldn't get one. 

I agree, but I choose to get one anyways because I think the potential is already there and I have a pretty good idea of what I'll be able to do based on how much love enjoyed using my Moto 360. 

The Apple Watch is going to have some hiccups sure, its essentially a beta product, so I know there's going to be some rough patches. I'm still getting one though, not because I'm a fan of Apple or because I'm a tech lover, but because Apple has a proven track record of giving us products that keep getting more and more amazing over time. 

I'm not that crazy though, I went with the Sport Edition.