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Apple Watch

No I don't need it, but you better believe I stayed up late to order one. 

Every review I read (and I spent an entire day reading every review I could find), said pretty Mich the same thing: Apple has created something amazing with a lot of potential, but you probably shouldn't get one. 

I agree, but I choose to get one anyways because I think the potential is already there and I have a pretty good idea of what I'll be able to do based on how much love enjoyed using my Moto 360. 

The Apple Watch is going to have some hiccups sure, its essentially a beta product, so I know there's going to be some rough patches. I'm still getting one though, not because I'm a fan of Apple or because I'm a tech lover, but because Apple has a proven track record of giving us products that keep getting more and more amazing over time. 

I'm not that crazy though, I went with the Sport Edition. 

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The quest is complete. 

Congratulations to the LA Galaxy on their fifth MLS Cup. 

LA Galaxy

Sounders @ Galaxy - MLS Western Conference Finals

The MLS season is winding down and the conference finals are upon us.

The Galaxy won today 1-0, but we're going to face a tough test going into Seattle with a spot in the MLS Cup on the line. 

It was nice to see Stub Hub Center full today and it's been awesome to see how the sport has really kept gaining momentum and growing here.

I took like 300 photos, these were just a select few of my favorites. (I really need to invest in a solid telephoto option.)

Let's Go Galaxy! 


Just Write.


They say the key to writing is just to write. And then to write some more. Write about anything. It's ok if it doesn't make sense. It's ok if there's mistakes. 

I've never kept a journal, I've always felt like it would be to unintentionally depressing. Plus, I don't really live an exciting life: wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, so it all over again can only go so far...

Nevertheless, I want to give it a legit shot and will be doing my best to make it a daily habit. 

Some days will probably be longer than others and some maybe nothing more than a few words, a photo, video or something else. 

I'm going to try. I

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Thankful to have had the opportunity to watch the greatest American soccer player to ever suit up for the USA, play the last regular season home game of his career.

It was only appropriate that the game had Supporter's Shield and playoff implications and pitted two of the USA's best players, in Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey, against each other

It's quite amazing how far MLS has come the last few years, and if you had a chance to watch the game, which ended in a 2-2 tie (to set off an epic season finale in Seattle on Saturday), you should be excited about the future of soccer in this country.